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Career Services

Looking for the right job or a career change, but not sure how to go about it? Eva’s Closet’s employment coaching and career services are designed to support and assist with your job search.

From decision making to career planning and goal setting, you can rely on our employment coach to steer you on the path to success. Our highly interactive, one-on-one process is designed to help residents of Grand Prairie and surrounding areas find a satisfying career and become self-reliant.

The job market can be tough, both for those without a job as well as for those who are employed but looking for a change. We provide the tools to help the unemployed, underemployed, or those looking for a change to find careers—not just to pay the bills, but to feel capable and confident. Whether you are just starting out or looking for a new job or career change—our employment coach can guide and support you every step of the way.

What topics are covered?

The Basic Career Package includes job search services (i.e., helps with job preparation, career readiness, and skill development) relating to all the jobs, business, or any other type of work performed during your life.

The Professional Career Package includes everything in the Basic Career Package and also provides customized services, including coaching and marketing your career through LinkedIn and other networking sites.

The Mock Interview session consists of behavioral-based interview questions to prepare you for any big interview.

Career Services Packages

Basic Career Services Package

$ 60
  • Basic Cover Letter
  • Résumé
  • Reference Page
  • Job Search Services

Professional Career Services Package

$ 80
  • Everything in the Basic Career Services Package
  • Professional Cover Letter
  • One-On-One Job Coaching
  • Help With Career Marketing (e.g., LinkedIn)

Get started!

Here’s how we work:

If you’re uncertain Eva’s Closet can help you, please reach out with your questions or concerns! We are transparent about our programs, and our passion is to help others. We want to help you!

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