The mission of Eva’s Closet is to encourage and empower every family member by offering learning tools and resources that will help them find full solutions to enhance their livelihoods. To do that, we focus on education and skill development for parenting and career coaching.

Educating parents on why and how to parent properly helps ensure that their children are raised with structure and discipline. This reduces juvenile delinquency, reduces drug abuse, lowers the rate of teenage pregnancies, and helps stop child abuse and neglect. Ultimately, it helps pave the road for children to become young people with integrity who contribute to society.

Providing career coaching and counseling goes beyond just helping someone meet their basic needs. The first step is helping someone find a job so that they feel valued and productive. However, we focus on the long-term by helping people select career paths that will allow them to find growth, fulfillment, and ultimately success in their work. This improves their sense of well-being and allows them to be better spouses, parents, and citizens.

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Parenting Skills

Our parenting and life skill programs help single mothers and low-income families who are struggling and cannot afford parenting classes to enhance their skills. We also help teenage mothers learn how to become more effective parents.

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Career Coaching

Our career coaching services help breadwinners by providing them with the skills and resources they need to find better employment. This in turn helps them create better livelihoods, better provide for their families, and improve their mental health.

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Join us as we address gun violence prevention, drugs, gangs, and mental health for young men 10 to 16 years old.