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Eva's Closet to Host Community Event During the Summer: "A Celebration of Togetherness and Creativity" - Eva's Closet

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Eva’s Closet to Host Community Event During the Summer: “A Celebration of Togetherness and Creativity”

Eva’s Closet, Inc. will host an upcoming event to promote togetherness and creativity in the Grand Prairie community during the summer of 2021. Veronica Young, Chief Executive Officer of the nonprofit organization, has been working with community and business leaders to sponsor the event.

“After a year and months of social distancing and challenges, our community could benefit from an outside gathering to meet safely and support a worthy cause,” Young commented. This fundraiser event aims to provide relief and assistance to the less fortunate families. In supporting families and individuals in becoming more self-sufficient, Eva’s Closet addresses issues impacting our community by providing job coaching, parenting skills, and youth mentoring.

The planned event will host a variety of vendors and activities for the community, according to the nonprofit official. She continued, “It will give our vendors an opportunity to shine and promote their creativity of different foods, crafts and arts. Most importantly, people are yearning to gather, to celebrate, to enjoy and simply to live life.”

“One of our greatest strengths is promoting and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in the community,” Young stated. “We interact with people whose backgrounds and ideologies are different from our own which has helped us to develop a greater awareness of the world and to build stronger bridges in our community.”

Possessing both undergraduate and graduate degrees in social work, and a master’s degree in theology, Young is motivated to help and make a difference in the lives of families. Young is not only passionate about diversity and inclusion, but she also teaches it to others. She is an experienced educator, counselor, and social worker. She has taught diversity and inclusion and social work courses at Columbia College and Tarleton State University at Fort Worth and Stephenville, Texas.

Young is dedicated to promoting and improving all human life. She inspires others to live a life of humility and be committed to breaking down walls that separate the community. “We all must be dedicated to serving humanity. People are more alike than they are different. We must focus on what we have in common, not the difference,” Young stated.

The details for the event will be shared once the venue has been finalized. Anyone interested in volunteering for the event or participating as a vendor can send an email to vyoung@evascloset.org.

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EC plans community and fundraising event to host various vendors.

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