Eva’s Closet Helps Grand Prairie Homeless Outreach Organization’s Blanket and Jacket Distribution

From Grand Prairie Homeless Outreach Organization:

Today we and our friends were blessed by Eva’s Closet Nonprofit who rode along with us and distributed jackets and blankets as we picked up our friends from the motels. They also visited some camps and gave out blankets there, too.

Their presentation of the blankets and jackets was so thoughtful. Everything was new or freshly washed and folded so neatly. When someone shows that kind of care, it shows care.

It means a lot to our friends and to our fellow volunteers who see the care. That is being the hands and feet of Christ – loving beautifully even in the folding of jackets and blankets.

Thank you Eva’s Closet and Veronica Poland Young and your fellow volunteer for blessing us on so many levels today.

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